True Wedding Events

Aimee Hardenbergh
Wedding Scene Specialist

Take a moment and imagine your wedding day.
What comes to mind?

Do you imagine your wedding in a luxurious historical manor, a beautiful lush outdoor garden, on the edge of shimmering blue water or on a quaint country farm in Northern Virginia or Washington, DC? When planning your wedding are you thinking about that first glance into each other's eyes at the end of the aisle? Imagining your First Dance to the song that expresses exactly what you feel inside? Or, maybe it's the incredible energy and laughter of your guests having the time of their lives?

Whatever it is, your imagination is creating scenes - little glimpses of emotion that put you there...right in the middle of your wedding day. Your scenes are unlike any others. They are true to you. As your wedding planner, these little scenes are the driving force behind all that I do to help you plan your once-in-a-lifetime wedding whether it is in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC or anywhere around the world.

As your Wedding Scene Specialist, I bring your scenes to life by learning and understanding who you are individually as well as a couple. I listen to you and create the perfect backdrops for these moments, particularly in unique wedding venues throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area. Long after your wedding day, these scenes are what you will take with you every day of your life.

Don't leave these irreplaceable moments to chance. Contact me today at 703-981-5279 and schedule your complimentary wedding planning consultation today. Make sure your wedding is a true reflection of

Your Love…Your Story!

Best Wedding Wishes,