True Wedding Events

More than ever couples are deciding to get married in locations that hold special significance for them or reflect a vibe that they want to define their relationship. And why not? You will celebrate and reflect upon your wedding day for as “long as you both shall live”!

Places have an instant “feel” to them. You want to be married in a location that speaks to both of you. The DC metropolitan area has endless possibilities. Historic buildings, amazing museums, country manors, riverside estates, city rooftops, lush vineyards, classic yachts, equestrian farms and so much more. There are no limits to where you can get married as long as you plan wisely and in advance.

As a trained special events expert and a professional bridal consultant™, I know how to accurately analyze a location. Specifically, I help determine its strengths and weaknesses and if it’s a good fit for your vision, style, and the all important budget! That’s why True Wedding Events offers its Unique Venue Consultation option listed on our Programs page. Because once you sign on the dotted line, you’re committed! Let True Wedding Events help you make the right decision for your wedding and give you peace of mind. We think of everything so you don’t have to!

On Location with Aimee Ezine

My monthly ezine (electronic newsletter), “On Location with Aimee” is dedicated to highlighting unique venues, terrific vendors and expert insight on how to work with your venue before and after it’s booked. It’s a great resource no matter where you are in your planning process, so sign up now!