True Wedding Events

“Aimee was instrumental in finding good vendors, going over all of the various contracts and coordinating every detail down to the minute - from decor for the ceremony to the reception activities”

- Sandra Pradas, Bride

“I especially appreciate your attention to the many details which helped to make the day run smooth. Details which I would have never thought of had it not been for your knowledge and expertise.”

– Lori Allen, Mother of the Bride

At True Wedding Events, we work with you to give shape and structure to what you have only secretly imagined your wedding scene might look like. We want to get you excited about the process and to enjoy the journey from engagement to the altar!

True Wedding Events’ programs are designed to help you identify where your comfort level is in designing and planning your own wedding. Be honest with yourself about your available time, capabilities and knowledge, and who is really going to help you or just say they are going to help you. Then give us a call for your complimentary appointment and let’s start building your unique wedding scene together!

A dream come true

You don’t know where to begin in making your dream wedding come true. Or maybe you don’t even know what your “dream” wedding is! This program is for the couple that needs our full planning services. If you have little time and feel completely stressed or if you have no idea where to begin, you need a dedicated professional wedding planner to walk you through each step of the way to your perfect day.

true happiness

You started planning your wedding but the further along in the process you got, you began to realize how many moving pieces there are and that you just can’t do it all by yourself, especially if you are going to enjoy your wedding day! Our partial planning program is exactly what you need to get you moving forward, making good decisions and enjoying being engaged again!.

true love

They say “all you need is love”. Well … and maybe a professional wedding coordinator! You’ve enjoyed doing all the work and have everything done but don’t want to worry about the details on your big day. We’ll jump in to insure everything runs according to plan with all of the details that you’ve worked so hard to put together. We’ll take a look at the big picture, make sure there are no surprises, and execute your vision like only a pro can!

true to be you

Wedding coaching for the DIY bride! Think of us as an accountability partner. Book 60 minute phone calls and we will coach you through the process at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time wedding planner.

unique venue consultation

A venue is the stage for your perfect wedding scene. Without the right backdrop, your wedding can become disconnected from your vision. We specialize in unique venue research, selection and logistics throughout the metropolitan Washington, DC area, Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland. We can help you find your perfect setting or help you decide if the location you have your heart set on will really accommodate all of the elements you want. Maybe you’ve already booked your venue but just don’t know how to make it work, we can give you expert insight and advice to get you headed in the direction. Working in a unique, nontraditional space brings its own set of challenges and considerations … and that’s why we absolutely love them! You might need some serious venue assistance or maybe my initial 30 minute complimentary meeting is the answer to your venue challenges. It’s up to you! And, don’t forget to sign up at the top of the page for my “Top 10 Tips To Your Perfect Wedding Scene” because they will definitely help you.